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What we do

C&F is transforming corporate clothing, fashion and logistics and retailing in NZ. An end-to-end service including warehousing, tunnelling, 3PL solutions and distribution, freight forwarding and customs clearance. We are the only specialist clothing and fashion retail solution that combines both finishing and logistics.

We can solve your ‘speed to market’ apparel problems, enhance the appearance of your garments and streamline your distribution all the while saving you time and money.

Our clients have the best looking corporate and retail stock on display in NZ and our standards match our customer’s standards – immaculate, impeccable, faultless.

How we operate


Veit Tunnel Finisher 8657

At C&F we believe NZ’s world class garment industry deserves world class service. Which is why we have invested in a state of the art new Viet Tunnel Finisher from Germany, designed in collaboration with some of Europe’s top garment manufacturers.

Our new tunnel offers hugely superior fabric and garment results and eliminates the need for expensive hand pressing. Fold lines and creases are eliminated on popular fabrics such as pure cottons, silks and linens. Even embellished or delicate fabrics can be beautifully finished. It also produces a ‘doll like’ fabric effect enhancing fabric quality giving you volume and a superior finish to all your fabrics, all in an ultrafast turnaround time. Unpleasant odours in textiles that are produced in transit can also be effectively removed, it can even custom scents.

We can tunnel over 20,000 garments over a 24 hour period if that is what you require. Come and discover what 20 years of new technology can make to your garments. Bring your samples, and we will give her a free demonstration on its effectiveness. Immaculate garments at speed.

Why Tunnelling is Smart

For an extra $1 per garment vs flat pack C&F can deliver immaculate garments to store steamed, hung and ready for sale.

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