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About Us

We are an experienced team of business minds, clothing and fashion garment and textile finishing and logistic specialists. Between us we have 30 years industry experience including in depth garment production knowledge for local and off shore manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most innovative garment finishing in NZ and flexible, smart and hassle free logistic solutions.

Our Location

C&F operates out of large, modern secure premises within a 10 km radius of the retail mall hub and airport of Auckland. 

This enables us to offer a 24 hour turnaround and delivery to Westfield Newmarket and Sylvia Park using our own fleet. 

Our warehousing and logistics partner DSL is located close to Auckland’s International and Domestic airport and we provide free delivery between the two hubs.

C&F is passionate about our commitment to the fashion and clothing industry’s environmental and wellbeing concerns.

We deliver on this by:

  • Encouraging our suppliers to reduce plastic and offer recyclable plastic options including garment hanging bags
  • We recycle all cardboard boxes and plastic
  • Our Veit state of the art tunnel reduces our overall energy output by 40%
  • We adhere to a strict code of conduct;
  • Ensures transparency and traceability at all levels including all our raw materials suppliers
  • Strict health and safety standards, non discrimination and freedom from harassment
  • We are proud to use Ecotricity

What Our Partners Say About Us


Our business relies on 3PL, and C&F are hands down the best in the country at what they do. They understand our goals, and meet them every time. They’re fast, reliable and very responsive - so if there’s ever an issue they’ll resolve it without delay. Their new premises has to be seen to be appreciated; they have the scale and the systems to go with it. In short, if you want the whole package, C & F is the go to get things done.

Verge provides quality women’s fashion to retailers throughout New Zealand and Australia. We still manufacture in New Zealand as well as in Asia, and our products are usually delivered GOH to store. So we rely on C&F for their 3PL, ensuring our garments arrive in store on time, every time, looking pristine for our customers.  

As our industry has changed, so too has C&F; moving from a manual to automated, high tech business. Their new tunnel is a great innovation and smart investment, delivering an fast turnaround and a consistent end result, regardless of the fabric. For example viscose doesn’t respond well to being hand steamed but with the tunnel you get a consistent result.  C&F’s new premises is a large modern premise and quite amazing to visit, as you suddenly appreciate the scale of their 3PL offering. It gives you the reassurance that they have the capacity and systems to handle large orders especially during peak season - when every supplier needs everything without delay. It’s a high-speed industry, so we’re all shipping at the same time and all wanting things done quickly.

Besides C&F’s 3PL technology and scale, we have a great working relationship with Bernice - and the human element is still really important. She has an in-depth understanding of our products and our business. . She understands the importance of quality to our brands, as is never afraid to offer suggestions to ensure we get the best result in the fastest timeline. She’ll go out of her way to make things happen, because she understands the business we’re in. We also like the consistency of dealing with the same person each time, and knowing they can be 100% relied upon to deliver. Meantime, Chris is in the background making the wheels turn and ensuring his staff do what they do best.

At the end of the day, Verge has prospered in an extremely competitive market, because we offer quality, brand, and fit. And without a doubt, C&F are the perfect fit for us.

- Andrew Rae, Business Owner, Verge


When businesses are growing as rapidly as ours, relationship is everything. And that’s why we’ve partnered with C&F, for their outstanding 3PL offering.

Bisley is a leader in workwear for the New Zealand market, and we’ve had a strong partnership with C&F for over seven years. They’ve been responsible for all our logistics - including unpacking, warehousing, and managing the efficient distribution of our garments to our customers around the country.

With the increasing demand for specialised workplace apparel, our business in New Zealand has grown exponentially. When it became clear that the volume we were importing was exceeding C&F’s capacity, Chris didn’t hesitate. He just smiled and said ‘simple, we’ll move to somewhere bigger!’

He wasn’t kidding! The new warehouse is an impressive space,.  But what’s really exciting is the new SAP 3PL (third party logistics) system that’s just been installed. Every item is barcoded, and the system automatically determines where to store it. It makes the whole operation highly efficient, as the order tells the picker exactly where the stock is located, and we can accurately monitor our stock levels in real time.

The New Zealand market is very reactive, so we need to carry high stock levels to meet demand at very short notice. This new system, and the warehousing capacity, allows us to meet all our customer needs quickly and accurately, every time.

 Setting up the new system required a lot of staff training, and that’s something else that sets C&F apart. Their staff retention is extremely high for our industry, which means the people who have been learning the new system are the same people I’ll see when I return. They’re keen, fast learners and have a great attitude, prepared to stay late and work hard to ensure they fully understand how to get the most from the system.

But while C&F embrace the latest world class technology, I’d say it’s relationships that really sets them apart. The team is extremely customer focused; flexible and adaptable, and ready to meet our needs right away. Their communication is clear, open and honest, and it always feels like they’re on our side - even if they’re on the other side of the Ditch!

- Franco Polistina, General Manager. Bisley Australia 

Kate Sylvester

We are committed to a very high quality in all aspects of our production, and that’s why we work with C&F. They know what our standards are, and they will do whatever it takes to maintain them.  We have worked with C&F for several years now, and over that time the nature of the work they do for us has really broadened.

We use a variety of beautiful fabrics, from lightweight silks to heavy wools, and we are totally confident in C+F’s ability to care for them. Their state of the art new Viet Tunnel Finisher is really impressive, and shows that they are willing to invest in the latest technology to provide the highest level of quality for their clients. 

We work alongside C+F to and their staff always maintain our high standards, and they are never afraid to ask questions in order to learn more. C&F is very much a people-centric business. They are great communicators, and understand that we work in a high pressure industry with tight deadlines that can quickly change. They are always flexible, and will always find a way to make things happen for us  We really value our partnership with C&F Garment Management, and it is a partnership that continues to grow. They share our passion for high quality product, and they are continually looking for ways to improve their ways of working in order to meet our requirements.  We look forward to working with C+F for many more seasons to come!

- Kirsty Palin – Production Manager.  Kate Sylvester 


We have been using C&F Fashion Logistics for finishing of garments, since 2017 and we highly recommend their service.

C&F are cost effective, they have a quick turnaround time and they are in a convenient location. The quality of their pressing is excellent and we have confidence that our garments will arrive back to us presented immaculately.

We often have urgent jobs which are sent to C&F at short notice. They consistently meet our delivery deadlines and their communication is excellent.

I would highly recommend C&F to others in the garment industry.

- David Flynn, Managing Director

Stylish Clothing NZ

For many years in NZ tunnel pressing services were very rare and most manufacturer used trade pressers either in house or using stand alone businesses operating.  This pressing was mainly done via Hoffman press or hand stream irons.  With C & F’s introduction of the latest tunnelling technology into NZ it has meant we can receive product directly from overseas suppliers and virtually, on the same day, turn around thousands of units of product despatching into stores the following day.  Speed to market is essential for our business. 

The major benefit of tunnelling for us is the cost factor without having to sacrifice quality and as speed to market is essential for our business having stock product to the store floors.   All of this relates to a wonderful service and C & F is highly recommended to any in the industry who hasn’t experienced this technology and level of expertise and service.

- Fred Bacon – Business Owner – Stylish Clothing NZ


Libertine are a large woman’s fashion wholesaler to boutiques all around New Zealand and we uses C & F for all our distribution services. 

Our  bulk goods are sent directly to C&F once they arrive in the country. C&F unpack, count in stock against packing lists, let us know of any anomalies, hang the garments then tunnel steam.

They then pick and pack for each boutiques specific order/requirements and delivery date. They organise all freight details and send off the cartons which we can then track as they log into our portal. We also get stock counts after distribution. Stock is stored in a particular area at C & F so we can access the stock when needed. They even deliver the remaining stock back to our showroom once our deliveries are finished - but they can also keep the stock and send out individual stock orders for boutiques when needed

Sending garments tunnelled and in hanging boxes has worked brilliantly for us.   It saves boutiques valuable time as they items arrive hung and pressed so can go immediately onto the shop floor. This would cut down many hours of the retail staff unpacking, hanging and steaming so they can then concentrate on selling and customer service. Also it saves the retailers from having too much plastic! So we are trying to save the world one plastic bag at a time.

The garments look fabulous after the hanging and pressing!  if you’re lucky Chris takes a wonderful video of the garments dancing around on their hangers as they roll along the rails out of the tunnelling machine

Bernice and the ‘girls’ as I call them are wonderful to deal with. Very friendly and helpful. Any issues that arise they email or call to make sure the instructions are correct, that they are getting everything 100% right prior to sending any orders out.   They have never failed in getting deliveries out on time even with extremely tight deadlines.

- Lisette Mayson, Business Owner, Libertine

H & M

C&F provide us with a steam tunnel finishing service for our garments.   Bernice’s communication is great – helpful, always friendly and her attention to detail is of a very high standard.   C & F is always flexible and have consistently delivered  to our deadlines.  On top  of this,  C & F have invested in the latest technology and are  continually improving their service and offering options to make us happy.   Our standards are very high and so are there’s.  

- Mauricio Moreira – H & M